-  Spend $10,000* from now until January 31 2020 and we will add a $100 bonus to your account. 

-  Refer someone and they spends $10,000*, you both get the $100 bonus. You can get your referral link under the Profile tab when logging into your CloseoutNJ account.

-  All buyers that spend more than $25,000* before January 31 2020 are eligible for “4 Star Buyer” status.

-  All 4 Star Buyers are entitled to 1% Cashback on all purchases bought in the above time frame.


* Purchases need to be various items.




-  Sign up on our website and create an account.

-  We will be sending out emails and WhatsApp messages with a link to the products we are purchasing as well as the buying price. (Since prices do fluctuate please make sure to only buy at the posted price.)

         -- Emails will be automatically sent to all CloseoutNJ account holders.

         -- Once you create an account, reach out to 732-800-2518 to be added to the WhatsApp Group. Please include your Name as well as your Buyer ID.

         --  Deals will also be posted on the Deals tab on your dashboard in your         account.

-  Feel free to purchase everything from the list or specific items that you feel are more worth your time.

-  The best way to get us the item is to ship directly to our warehouse with your Name and Buyer ID on the shipping label. You can also drop off your product at our warehouse during our drop off hours. (See example below.)

-  We offer payment on the spot, alternatively we can have the check emailed to you. 

-  If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to send us an email at




-  Credit Card Points: The more money you spend means the more points you earn.  Buying can help you earn thousands of credit card points and at the same time hit credit card bonuses. Additionally, there are cards that offer cash back on all purchases. 


-   Earn Commision : On some items we pay above the Buying price.





-  We will be sending out a form attached to all deals. Please fill out the forms when buying. (We reserve the right to refuse purchases if forms are not filled out.)

-  We will be offering once a week pick up and specific drop off hours during the week (minimum purchase required.) 

-  All items must be dropped off at our warehouse within 10 days of when the deal was sent out, if not we reserve the right to refuse it.

-  All deals should only be shipped to our Delaware warehouse if so specified. 

If you need help getting your Amazon account to be tax exempt please reach out to


Please note: For bulk buyers we will have better pricing  please reach out to 732-800-2518 or with any questions. 

OUR Lakewood Address is


575 Prospect Street 

Unit 223 

Lakewood NJ 08701 

Please make sure to use your name and buyer ID 


Our Delaware address is 


409 Meco Drive 


Wilmington DE 19804

Please make sure to use your name and buyer ID


Why do we do this ?

Often stores sell the items we are looking for at a discounted price. However most stores place a restriction on how many of each item a single person can purchase. Therefore having buyers enables us to get products at the best possible pricing.